Meaning :

Krishak Seva Sahakari Sansthas means the Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperative Societies. According to the Cooperative Planning Committee's recommendation Primary Agriculture Societies are working as village multipurpose society in India after independence. The formation of farmers service societies has been recommended by the National Commission of Agriculture. The society is expected to be sole agency taking care of all the development needs at the small and marginal farmers. Each society is to be treated as a Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Society.

As per above recommendation Primary Agricultural Credit Society is working as a Multipurpose society and as a farmers service societies. Farmers service societies are nothing but the Krishak Seva Sahakari Snsthas. (KSSSs)

Commercial Bank Finance for Primary Agriculture Credit Cooperative Societies :

Generally Primary Agriculture Credit Societies are financed by District Central Cooperative Banks(D.C.C.), but  the D.C.C.Banks are financially very weak so this scheme was introduced in India.The scheme of financing the operations of Primary Credit Societies by Commercial Banks was interdicted in 1970 in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh,Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, where the Central Cooperative Bank were rather weak. There were two major objectives of this scheme.

1)    To fill up the production and investment credit gaps with respect to the requirments of small farmers.

2)    To improve the working of weak Central Cooperative Banks.

The Scheme was also meant to revitalize the societies by increasing their membership and business. It was purely temporary in nature in the sense that the societies ceded to the commercial bank would revert to respective Central Cooperative Banks as soon as they are strengthen through the rehabilitation program.

Maharashtra Govt. introduced this scheme in the state from 1975 and established 27 KSSSs in six Revenue division and 15 District of Maharashtra Area of operation of each society is minimum 5 and maximum 52 villages. These KSSSs are sponsored for financing purpose by the Commercial Banks (Nationalized Banks) D.C.C. Banks and Regional Rural Banks for coordinating the activities of Nationalized and cooperative Banks. Today only 16 KSSSs are working in their operating areas and 11 KSSSs are unsuccessful in their operating area and  they were closed after 1990, due to overdue, Management and political problems.

List of operating KSSSs in Maharashtra :

This list indicates the names of operating societies, Date of Registration and Name of the sponsoring Bank.


Name of the society

Date of registration

Name of sponsoring Bank


PUNE DIVISION                    
1) Pavana Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd., Kale Colony, Tal . Maval, Dist. Pune.


Bank of Maharashtra, Kale Colony, P.nagar

2) Sahyadri Krihak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. Mahableshwar, Dist Satara. 29-9-75 Bank of Maharashtra, Mahableshwar.
3) Shiroli Bk. Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. Shiroli Bk. Tal. Junnar, Dist Pune. 31-12-75 Bank of India Junner.
4) Koyana Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. At post Malharpeth, Tal. Patan, Dist. Satara. 31-12-75 Bank of Maharashtra Malharpeth.
II) NASHIK DIVISION                     
5) Centeral Godawari Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. At post Gangapur, Tal. Dist. Nashik. 25-12-75 Central Bank of India, Gangapur.
6) Goda Union Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. At Post Naygaon. 26-10-78 Union Bank of India, Naygaon.
III) AURANGABAD DIVISION                       
7) Union Krishak Seva Shakari Sanstha Ltd. At Ramnagar, Post . Savargaon (Hadap) Tal. Dist. Jalna. 31-12-75 Union Bank of India, Ramnagar
8) Renuka Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. At Post. Mahur,Tal. Mahur Dist. Nanded. 21-03-76 Maharashtra Rural Bank upto 1997. N.D.C.C.B.,from.1997 Mahur..
9) Dindrood Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. At  Post . Dindoord, Tal. Majalgaon, Dist. Beed. 20-10-77 Marathwada Rural Bank from 1989 B.D.C.C.B., Dindrood.
10) Vasishty Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. At  Post Upnagar (Kherdi) Chiplun. Tal. Chiplun, Dist.Ratnagiri. 31-03-76 Bank of India, Nagaon.
11) Shri Ganesh Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. At  Post Nagaon, Tal. Alibag, Dist.Rayghar. 31-03-76 Bank of India, Nagaon.
12) Mahalkshimi Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. At  Post Ratnagiri, (Khedshi) Dist.Ratnagiri. 31-02-76 Bank of Maharashtra Ratnagiri, (Khedshi)
V) AMARAWATI DIVISION :               
13) Bori Krishak Seva Shakari Sanstha Ltd. At   Post Bori. Tal. Dharwha Dist.Yavatmal. 30-06-78 Yavatmal District Central Coop. Bank Bori.
14) Central Krishak Seva Shakari Sanstha Ltd. At  Post Adgaon Bk., Tal.Telhara, Dist.Akola. 16-03-79 Central Bank of India, Adgaon Bk.
VI) NAGPUR DIVISION :            
15) Tumsar Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. Tumsar, Dist. Bhandara. 29-12-75 Bank of India, Tumsar.
16) Central Krishak Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. At  Post . Gondiya, Tal. Dist. Bhandara. 18-05-76 Central Bank of India, Gondiya.


KSSSs are working in ther operating area for fulfil the following objective.

1)To give incentive to its members, to improve co-operation independence and economy.

2)To provide loan facility to increase income of farmer's, small farmers, marginal farmers,agricultural labours, landless labours, village artisan and also to provide employment to members, so that living standard will be improved.

3)To  provide essential agricultural services to the members of the society, for completing their agricultural needs.

4)To sanction credit limit to short-term, medium term, and long term loans to the members.

5)To provide improved seeds, fertilizer, insecticides, cattle food and agricultural instruments etc. trough the society to its members and also to provide facilities for dairy, poultry keeping / fishery etc.

6)To provide grown facilities in operating area.

7)To provide marketing facilities for agriculture goods, as well as the products of secondary occupations to members such as milk, eggs, fish, cottage industries and small scale industries.

8)For providing the members to purposes/hire the machinery like Tractor, Threshers, sowing machinery, oil engine, electric motor, pumps etc.

9)To increase cattle breading by providing facilities of improved bulls sheep, goats etc.

10)To demonstrate the new technique on its own farm an of society and provide it to the members.

11)To provide employment to small farmers, agricultural labours, landless labour etc. by employing them and construction of Roads, Wells, Dams etc.

As per the above objectives the KSSSs are providing multipurpose services in their operating areas. Now these societies are facing the problem of overdues. Overdues, both in the short-term as well as medium-term loans, continued to be serious weakness of the co-operative credit structure. After 1985 in Maharashtra overdues problem increased due to Government loan freezing policy decision. From this period economically sound members also did not repay the loans of KSSSs. The KSSSs are try to recover the  loans with the linking of Sugar Factory and Cotton Federation of Maharashtra.